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Superlordspamulon, just great man! Thanks for posting your experiences here! Did you check already if your tickets or other merchandise/clothing is already on this site? Oops, sorry, it’s on it’s way I see in your first post now, thanks! And also thanks for your other mail, I just read it. It will be on this site soon indeed… :D[/quote:2mipq6gn] one of the t-shirts is already on here (the zero one, and you marked it as WO so there really is no need to post mine) but i’ll e-mail the other one shortly :)
also, they take your ticket off you upon entry and you get a wristband instead. there was no mention of smashing pumpkins on either, but if you want a pic of the wristband i’ll happily oblige :)

So apparently I don't post very often these days