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Uhmmm… nope. No wristband. Only when it contains a kiss of Ginger, or a signature of Billy (you were at the barrier, right? Must have been easy job to get that) :lol:

How did you get so close anyway? I went to Pinkpop in May with my girlfriend, and we thought we were lucky already when we were like 5th – 8th row somewhere… Good job![/quote:1w80g2gz] *sigh*… a kiss from ginger *looks dreamy*… *ahem* :oops: :lol:
anyways. yeah i got to the barrier by going into the mainstage crowd some 5 bands before smashing pumpkins, and just got closer and closer, and then when i was just behind some guys who were at the barrier they let me in – they were the nicest blokes :) i ended up at the barrier for half of lostprophets, NIN and of course, pumpkins :D (all in all i was waiting and standing for like 7 hours to get that position. my legs are still screwed up, even now!)
and btw… it’s like 15 feet away from the stage. it’s really quite a distance!
i believe there was a signing tent, and the only time i would have gone was during fallout boy (who i hate) but if i left, i would never have been able to get to the front :( i didnt even know if pumpkins were signing… so yeah. at the barrier for my first pumpkins gig :)

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