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yeah, i’m holding the US boxset right now. once again, from topspin, they slapped a unique barcode over the other barcode. i’m curious if the US pressing has all these flaws everyone has been bitching about?[/quote:12tk9k0f]

When ordered online through Top Spin Media, a unique barcode was created to track the release. The US edition of this release is slightly different than its EU counterpart, as the first disc is orange (instead of blue). The word ‘one’ does not appear on the first disc, and the release codes do not match (sleeve to CD).[/quote:12tk9k0f]
i don’t think these barcodes added by different companies are relevant.

when i bought my copies of the pisces reissue at this big chain of music-dvd-electronics stores, they had also added their own barcode. when you buy stuff off, it will also have an barcode, used to process things internally. it’s what happens. but in my opinion, it’s not really related to the release itself, and none of these barcodes, unique or not, are relevant to the spfreaks collection.

about the different cd in the US box set: do you think they quickly fixed the plume problem and replaced the first disc? or what would have happened?