Reply To: Pisces Iscariot reissue: countries of release

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but, if you personally think it irrelevant, just ignore it. no?[/quote:2nkjgnwo]
of course.

as for the quick fix idea, no, there was no time for that. (my own opinion: i don’t think anyone was aware of this problem until we all got the EU copies and starting to dig in). i haven’t listened to the US bonus disc yet, as i’m currently watching the DVD. amazing footage here. completely mindblowing.

good theory though bram, but i just don’t know the answer. i just see it as another fuck up, honestly.[/quote:2nkjgnwo]
i also think there wasn’t enough time to make a new disc 1.
very weird they messed up the artwork though.

i also went straight to the dvd. :) 8) nothing and everything!