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Here you go. 21 MB avi file. Didn’t check it now, as I have no speakers at hand, but it should work I hope.[/quote:k6oq2422]

Thnx A-

It’s an awesome and splendid upload!!!
I’d never seen it before-

Some remarks on this though-
(nothing to do with the rip or anything, so don’t worry, A-, haha)

There’s quite some focus on the old stuff and bygone years-
Then – around 3/4s in – it moves to now-

And then it SAYS—–
THEIR blablablablab-

Who is THEY????

As in:

This might be the first and genuine time we’ve seen TSP present themselves as BC per se!

As it was the original band, the orignal band sans JC, then JC there again—

The only common factor = BC….!!!!!

Even then?!!!!!

For a Zeitgeist promo I tend to feel it harks back a little too much too way back when—

Now, having seen the dvd and having been through the rest and all with JC and all—

I guess—-

The old days ARE valuable!!!!
The old days with the four: BC+JC+JI+DW

The old days therafter ARE valuable!!!
These old days with: BC+JI+DW (and some touring peeps; including Matt Walker who was really really REALLY special after a while- I mean, not to pride myself, but just read my interview with Matt over @… )

The old day therafter ARE valuable too!!!!
Those old days with: BC+JC+JI+MADM (and some extras)


Then the sequence moves on to now-
To what?!
To TSP as per BC+JC?!!!
Or am I stupid????


Then and there—-

TSP was>
TSP as per the four….
TSP as per the Adore-threesome….
TSP as per the MACHINE foursome in studio, but not live, so as per: the TSP/MADM deal….

What I am trying to say—-


Even from this clip it’s obvious…..

TSP = = = = = = = = = BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore >>>>>

TSP now is alive and kicking!!!!

The one and only CONSTANT in this clip is BC….
BC = = = = TSP…..

Or do you wanna have more proof?!

It’s like this-
Take it or leave it-
BC’s been there all along——