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also, i’ve always thought that the US release was released years after 1994. as if caroline decided to press a reissue in the US. my guess: early 2000s. i remember finding lots of new copies in that period.
dunno. is it confirmed to be a 1994 release? or is this just a guess?
i see spfreaks lists 2000 as the release year: … &item=2667[/quote:yogowxgm]

well, i bought several copies of the US caroline pressing in 1996 from my local record store, so i believe it probably was pressed in 1994. i also think you are right as well. didn’t we conclude that around the same time a bunch of siamese dream albums were reissued/repressed (orange) and especially the black US version around 2000? i think this is why you saw the influx of available US gish records around the same time, because they just repressed gish as well as siamese dream. they never repressed pisces, mellon collie, or adore, though, and machina had just been released so there was no reason to repress that one.

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