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Some of you don’t remember 9-11? I remember watching it live, I must be old.

As for the U.S. Government setting it up? Wow. You honestly believe that? Where’s your proof? I have to laugh it off when people say things like that.[/quote:9d8mob6i]

Watch the documentary.

It covers the details in greater detail than i ever could.

But i’ll list a few things that i remember.

Firstly – the way the buildings collapsed. It was a pancake effect, where each floor detaches itself from the central…pole thingy… and falls straight down. These normally fall at near free fall level, the twin towers being no exception. However, this situation normally only occurs under controlled demolition levels – i.e, the central support strut is cut at a certain angle (which, btw the central strut thingy on the twin towers WAS, for both of them.) and then explosions are set off, a large one on bottom most level. Now how do you suspect that a plane crashing into the tower at a high altitude is gonna replicate these effects? There is no way that could’ve happened the way the government/media in america has claimed it did.
And i doubt the "terrorists" were co-ordinated enough to be able to get past security, cut a huge section into the support strut, plant explosives AND get away without being caught and the explosives being found.

Bleh. i can’t be arsed to state all the other evidence. It’s long, complicated, and i can’t remember every detail of it.
I IMPLORE you to watch the video!
Yes, watch it with a critical mind set. Don’t take everything you see on it as fact. Think it out yourself. But the evidence points to something greater than a mindless act of terrorism.

Watch the documentary.

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