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WWMM 7" Side A:
(the point is raised at the height of -, but it’s clearly a . and not a –
this remark also counts for the next points
not sure how we should note this; as . or as –
doesn’t really matter, i guess)

A+R.D91195. or A+R.DqIIqs.
(i can’t really tell. can anyone else give their opinion on this one?)

(II = roman two)

Side B:

Thanks Bram. I have the same thing. Except for the Dallas part :P Either way, I updated accordingly, minus the . or – part. I know it’s there, it’s also between the A+R and Dallas on mine, so I am just sort of ignoring it. Hope that’s not wrong?

Also, one of the releases is DAllAS, another is Dallas. Strange, but means same thing.

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