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I am also curious what is there to find behind the sticker. More secret reissue messages, again not initiated by Billy Corgan?[/quote:24hq6xat]
:arrow: I found out why they’ve applied those stickers to the "original credits" in the books of the European MCIS reissues (Deluxe Edition and vinyl release)!

I was able to read what’s underneath the sticker by holding the page against a strong light. And I was lucky that my sticker was applied a little bit too low, conveniently.
The sticker contains almost the same text as what’s underneath, so if the sticker had been applied on the same position as the text underneath, it would have been impossible to spot any differences. The text on the sticker would have hidden what’s underneath. But, like I said, I’m lucky with the sticker in my book, it’s just the right offset to read what’s underneath. The original text on the page below the sticker comes between the lines of text on the sticker, and is readable.

Anyway, it’s not a hidden message. It’s just a mistake. But quite an unforgivable one. It’s a good thing they found out before this was released, and were able to correct it with the stickers.
The mistake happened at the very beginning, at the top of the sticker.
Where the sticker says:

the smashing pumpkins – billy corgan – james iha –
d’arcy – jimmy chamberlin[/quote:24hq6xat]
the original page has:

the smashing pumpkins – billy corgan – james iha –
jimmy chamberlin[/quote:24hq6xat]
D’arcy fell off!

For reference, a picture of stickered page: