Reply To: Does someone own a copy of this Machina promo?

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yes, it is.
(your 15-track wasn’t unmastered. only stand inside your love and half of glass and the ghost children was better (less compressed) than the commercial release.)

this is the one mayo has: … &item=2602[/quote:i5oou7oq]

Its not entirely true, what i mean.Yes thats the one i have, and yet its not.The promo i have has the same cover, but its in a plastic sleeve insted of cd insert, yet my cd doesnt have that Virgin logo on it, its a cd-r, nothing is writting on it.Does this mean mine is a different type then the one we have pictures of?
Seems maybe this is some sort of a orginal pre-master disc or somehing else, i really dont know, then the cds with the Virgin logo are copies from the original pre-master disc. :?: :?:

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