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i still want to have it anyway for completeness, because for me personally Corgan’s music as a whole (SP and non-SP) is important to me. even if i might not like a song or two here or there i don’t want to be missing a whole era of his creative output because i still put stock in all of it as a whole. i don’t care if i have rare assed promos for everything, but i like what i have collected. i like it for the fact that its Corgan/ SP; i like the music (mostly); i like the art; and it strikes a chord with me as a whole.[/quote:twm4o7q8]
99% of my thoughts too on the subject. Thanks for putting it like this! :)

Only, I limit my collection to songs-on-cds ONLY. And just for fun, I collect the promos and compilations and country releases and acetates/test pressings and whatever. Just because I´m a mad music collector. 8)

The very few songs that were cassette-only or vinyl-only, I found them on MP3. No way I have the urge to complete my collection with every original cassette or original vinyl they released… So I could complete my collection of every song that Smashing Pumpkins made, anyway. Together with the live shows that I collected, I´m pretty sure I have a huge part of the Smashing Pumpkins legacy! And enjoying the music still, almost on a daily basis…

Someday this alternate version of Teardgarden EP01 vinyl-only, previously unreleased, song will appear somewhere I´m sure. I´ll grab the MP3 then, and I refuse to pay the higher price for the gold obelisk EP version. If the price is, like, normal, which is no more than 25-30 bucks, then I might be tempted enough to buy the physical release. We´ll see. Just my humble 2 cents…

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."