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i listened to my cd, and they used a different vocal take on plume. at least on some parts of the song. it’s very obvious. it sounds unfamiliar. weird.[/quote:3eswqvab]

The mix, the intro and the lyrics are different…

The lyrics in the booklet are cleary for the 1994 Plume. Read them while listening to the 2012 Plume and you will notice that the lyrics are ‘swapped’ in some kind of way:

1994 Plume: ‘gotta play’ in first verse, ‘what a waste’ in the second verse, ‘give enough’ in first verse, ‘give a fuck’ in second verse;
2012 Plume: ‘gotta play’ in both verses, ‘give a fuck’ in both verses.

Besides that, the 2012 Plume misses the repeating outro lyrics ‘bring me down’.

--'to Rock!! for you'(Cherub Rock/Siamese Dream '93),Jeroen