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is there more discussion online about this than just these Dutch-speaking "freaks"… :)[/quote:3bsuo57r]
Nobody buys this sh*t in the US and elsewhere, unless this release gets your stamp of approval, Sven… :wink:

Kidding of course, but the Dutch have always been fans of Pisces Iscariot, it had a Dutch pressing even! I still remember getting it as a present from a friend from France, when we were in Paris in 1995. Even there the music store (FNAC, if I remember well) had the Dutch pressing in the shelves!

I’m still awaiting my Pisces Iscariot reissue deluxe package, however. It has to be delivered from the US I’m sure, since it will contain the ‘limited’ demo tape shirt. After that I will join the discussion, I’m sure. :)

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