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Well uhm silly me I just woke up and was curious how it went yesterday Superlordspamulon. Get the single? Used the middlefinger to your ex? Just curious.[/quote:1zqnc0og] yep i got the single (both vinyl and cd… although hmv didnt have the cd version :shock: had to go to virgin megastores :lol: ) i also got Aiden’s new album, Conviction (doubt any of you have heard of them :lol: ) and about my ex… it just got really awkward. we didnt exchange a word, and only made eye contact like twice :? however she had to go home about halfway through the day, so it’s not like it was a really awkward day. just half of it :lol: and just so y’know, i don’t hate her or anything – i still have strong feelings for her. argh. ah well. the single is awesome, daydream is so good :D

So apparently I don't post very often these days