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But will the frontpage here be completely changed, as well as the layout etc.

Because i’m quite comfortable with those :)[/quote:2kgxs8rc]
No, on the contrary. Actually they are very happy with our layout, and they are going to take some of our ideas, like our pic of Billy on the background. Our layout and features will not change for 1 pixel! Another thing I can tell already also: they will use our Forum and close down their (hardly used) forum, and the SPfreaks Forum will be the future forum of choice for all of us. Maybe we will create a new chapter and go to 6 user forums, or rename 1 of the forums, but that’s not sure yet. This wasn’t discussed much so far.

There is however a big difference in color schemes. They have configured their sites more on the white, yellow and grey side, while we are more black, grey, red and blue (the last two colors are a reference to the Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie colors, for your information :wink: ). It’s a challenge to create a common layout for Starla within these limits… I’m sure we will figure that out. But again, SPfreaks will not change a pixel. Superlordspamulon, you can sleep at ease with these thoughts in mind… 8)

As soon as we can show a pic of the general idea, we will.

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