Reply To: How To Grade & Value Smashing Pumpkins 7\" vinyl rarities?

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i’m not sure if it’s interesting to have price estimates for the worst conditions (fair and poor). does anyone care about the value of a wrecked i am one 7"? and how would one decide how much an almost unplayable i am one 7" with a ruined sleeve is worth, taking into account that most collectors aren’t really interested in an item like that? doesn’t seem easy to me, but i might be wrong. maybe there’s an easy rule for deciding these prices.

this is just how i see it. if someone thinks it’s useful to have prices for 6 conditions, then let nothing stop you.[/quote:xvy7yezs]
I’m with you. It would all be 1-5 bucks anyway, common knowledge. The other 4 grades can stay.

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