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Hey Arthur
Let me see what I can find. May be able to find pic, however the auction may be too old. However, I think I know of someone who also owns a copy, I can ask them to submit here on SPFreaks.

I know there are colored Today and Disarm 7" test presses. I know there are black Cherub Rock, Rocket, and Disarm 7" test presses. That’s all I KNOW exists, but I imagine the whole lot (black and colored) are probably out there.[/quote:22a06etr]
Thanks manillascissor. Also check please if I entered unconfirmed vinyl. We used to be very graphical, and why not stay that way as long as possible… :wink:

And who brings in the updated price lists? Cool As Ice Cream, did you hear anything from Shawn alright?

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