Reply To: How To Grade & Value Smashing Pumpkins 7\" vinyl rarities?

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On Arthur wrote:

He’s waiting until he’s told how he can help. I thought we were waiting until the vinyl section was completely updated. And then, I don’t know. Tell me?[/quote:2hlw2249]
Ah ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was hoping it all was kinda clear already. The plans were:

-Ask Shawn/Aaron (done)
-Create Grade-Value fields (done)
-Update 7" section (done)
-Enter prices for 7" section
-Work from there…

All things done were announced in this thread. I think we have reached the "Enter prices for 7" section" stage. When Shawn could provide us an updated list of the 7" values now (incl. 2 Zwan singles I remember, ahem…) that will be entered then, and discussed here.

After we like what we see, or change/delete/update what we don’t like, we continue with the 10" and the 12".

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