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Yeah, I’m that Parkes guy that picked up this vinyl today and sent that email. Any questions for the man with the bootleg version? I gotta say, if it’s a bootleg, they did a damn good job, I’m very impressed! kudoos, this thing is going to take if we don’t put a stop to this. I assume you accept any members to this crusade.[/quote:2adg7jm0]
Yep, I can confirm that. If this (the black vinyl version w/o the white box) is fake it’s possibly the best fake/counterfeit i’ve ever encountered. But I have to admit that I have nothing to compare to.
If they havent’t allready been posted, the matrix codes are:
7243 8 41655 – A –
7243 8 41655 – F –

edit: the seller stated in his auction that it sat in his shelf for a couple of years. and he wasn’t a professional seller….