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here’s the other tape i’ve got transferred: [url:2jeb3xnv][/url:2jeb3xnv]

it’s a press conference with billy and james. the press is from all over the world, including south america, europe and australia.
i split the whole thing into tracks, as that seemed more practical than one huge file per tape side.
it’s still being uploaded right now, but both a flac and an mp3 version should appear here: [url:2jeb3xnv][/url:2jeb3xnv]

feel free to share this elsewhere if you want to (dunno, on zomb or lma or summin’).[/quote:2jeb3xnv]
spfreaks entry:

The contributor notes the press conference takes place in Hollywood, CA.[/quote:2jeb3xnv]

i don’t remember where i got that. (or did someone else contribute that fact?)
it is not unlikely to have been in hollywood as they were playing two shows there the next two days (21 and 22 october):
the days before, they had two shows in san francisco.

so yeah, hollywood seems like a good guess, but i’m not sure. it could have been anywhere.

would anyone be able to track down more information about this press conference (full of internationals)? maybe it’s mentioned somewhere else? (put your freak hat on, spfreaks! and freak out!)