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why don’t you just upload a couple of things that aren’t on that private tracker site yet? it can’t be that hard to upload 1.2 gb if you’re the original seeder.[/quote:3kl8byca]

I have uploaded 48 things that weren’t on there previously. I have got 58 torrents ready for seeds in utorrent just for that site. It’s just that no-one seems to want any of it. Trust me, getting a good seed amount on that site is hard if you don’t have a seedbox. Even my most popular torrent, which has 25 seeders atm, has only got a ratio of 1.235. My connection sucks, and the bittorrent protocol screws me over because of it.

And yeah, I know it’s lame, but I’m just worried that if it gets uploaded elsewhere (TPB, say) somebody else might see it as well and get it up there before I do.

So apparently I don't post very often these days