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i was just wondering where that claim came from, that this was in hollywood.
since i am the contributor, that must’ve come from me.

and then i found this post:

got this delabel promo tape:
appears to contain what’s on the tin: a press conference, given on 20 october 1993. i guess it happened in hollywood, from one of billy’s answers.
journalists from all over the world are present and ask questions (including journalists from finland, australia and brazil, for example).
billy does most of the talking. james says a little something here and there. not sure (yet) if d’arcy or jimmy are there. (still listening.)

i did some quick googling, but couldn’t find any references to this press conference.[/quote:2x93jepr]

so, it must be somewhere in the interview…
i can’t be bothered to listen to it again right now. maybe another time.[/quote:2x93jepr]

yeah, he says hollywood in the interview.

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