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also, the en concierto en mexico CD is a CDR and made for a radio station with a virgin logo, but somehow it’s legitimate?

i don’t see how one is more official than the next. i think france inter probably hired sangatte records to make these CDs. does that make them bootlegs? not necessarily.

i don’t know. i’m still not convinced either way.[/quote:2co17838]

point in case is:

1. En Concerto en Mexico > fully endorsed, researched and all, sanctioned and OK’d very very very LOW KEY "release"… by the label and/or the artist…

2. The Black Sessions > look at the list… why would a radio station promo these recordings out in the first place in this pressing amount and to whom, in the first place, in these numbers? and how in the world would they get the copyrights??? nope: just re-read only the copyright lines for several ‘live’ takes by The Smashing Pumpkins released and you’ll see how this is worked-out… No way someone in Paris would be able to go through all the hassle of securing the rights and all for these promo’s, let alone: the duplication and distribution and all… nope: it just doesn’t add up; it just doesn’t work like that…