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a true taper > especially a SOURCE-taper!, would not mess up dates…

you know you’ve got us to check all the recordings and see if it’s something new or not!

somehow: i find it quite curious the dates mentioned are mostly for unaccounted for shows…
however: same applied to the above mentioned ones i found and those turned out to be genuine…
so: do your thing and let’s hear the stuff!!! :)[/quote:3joqskud]
Well, he messed the dates when writing them by head… Can’t blame him. :wink:

These are the 4 REAL dates he has a recording of:

1990-06-16 (2nd generation recording from a trade, is already out there)
1991-08-04 (unknown date/venue so far, no recordings, but is 99.9% confirmed. see flyer below he send me)
1991-10-16 (2nd generation recording from a trade, is already out there)
1991-11-09 (known date/venue, no recording known so far)

Typically, the tapes with 1991-08-04 and 1991-11-09 are very interesting. So those 2 at least, I will ask him to send to me. I’m very excited to have found a new date/venue + recording + flyer to proof it’s no bullshit… I mean, after so many years and research, we still find a new date/venue like 1991-08-04 Max’s On Broadway, Fells Point, Baltimore (MD), in the Smashing Pumpkins Tour History… Isn’t that cool? And of course a recording for a known date/venue but with no known recordings so far, is very cool too! :wink:

Here’s the flyer for 1991-08-04 he send me.

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