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How did anyone know so much about these tapes? Did someone go to the LOC? Is this information available readily? How did all this come about?[/quote:3gnqlikw]
One of our contributors managed to work his way though to this info, without going to the LOC himself, that’s all I can say now. Some guy called Smiley on (see link I provided) claims he can find this info also in the public domain, but it is very very hard, he admits. Anyhow, we are the first to have this info available in a userfriendly format.

Davin, the main webmaster of SPFC send me this email about it:

"oh man Arthur that is awesome! good work!

the spfc categories don’t really allow for these sorts of tapes (i.e. they don’t really fall into the categories of "promo", "release" or "boot") so i’m extremely thankful for your site and efforts! until they leak, i’m glad to have the information compiled somewhere less cumbersome than the LOC database.


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