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Skip the wedding.[/quote:2r4eb662]

In fact Ayoe, you have a good reason also. Already a while back you asked me to come to Denmark to see the Pumpkins. That appointment has older rights, right…!? :wink:

And with or without you, Ayoe, we are going anyway. That place in Copenhagen is awesome to see them play live. I will be happy to travel 900 km by car, go with the ferry to Denmark, and sleep somewhere I don’t know with my wife and friends. Old skool adventures again! :lol:[/quote:2r4eb662]

I know the place Arthur. Ive never been there yet, guess it stay like that for now :(

Sorry to disappoint you Arthur, i had hoped to hang out with you, Shannen and your friend, guess we have to wait for that.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.