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didn’t bother trying to secure a copy, with the live synth shows in mind…
now that the track is up: damn, that’s just plain OMG awful, considering the amazing load of modular synths BC owns… pretty much lame knob twiddling by an amateur…
oh well… guess it’s a good moment to dig up the lp’s of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream for the real deal.[/quote:1z6zut0u]

I read that it would be experimental music – and wanted to hear it first (try before you buy!) so I was glad that I was able to hear the audio before clicking on ‘checkout’. I was thinking it would sound instrumental like ‘Hope’ or ‘Depresso’ ….but it sounds like spaceship arrival music :)

Nice for those who want the vinyl/artwork/autograph – pretty cool item for hardcore collectors. Those ones selling on ebay though… :roll:

I’ll be interested to see the artwork Billy chose for it, the AEGEA theme is intriguing