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good idea on the emails, and the thread.

here is what i was thinking (now i am just using this as an example, please feel free to improve upon it)

billy corgan — lead singer — guitar — genral mastermind behind the greatest band ever

picture here or over to the side a little

born in a city by the lake, was a good kid, and a cutie pie too.

was in a band called hexen, then moved to florida, was in a band called the marked, and had a lot of hair.

made the best band ever sp and rocked our worlds

also produced lots of other artists work, wrote a book, and released tfe

got band back together again is rocking our worlds. also still a cutie pie!

links to stuff





written by so and so proud member of spfreaks!!

so what do you think? what should we change?[/quote:3ubjwo3x]

need imput on this guys what do you think?

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