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The only thing these two releases have in common with the grey Tristessa or I Am One flexi is the small quantity.

The new releases are:
– brand new; not old
– pressed in low quantity on purpose (and not by accident, or because it’s a promo, or because the band isn’t well known yet). Feels like an artificial rarity. Maybe created to increase interest? (Or maybe because of a new realism: "If we press 1000, they’ll never sell out.")
– done very quickly for Record Store Day (I get that impression). I’m not saying this is what happened, but maybe they just said something like "hey, yes, you can download the mp3s of our website and press two singles." That’s the feeling I get.

On top of that, they don’t contain anything interesting, anything that isn’t out there yet.

Has anyone listened to their WWMM/Song for a Son 7"? Did you notice that both songs fade out early? I think this adds to the crappiness of this release.[/quote:3eltzjbe]

i too got the feeling this super limited edition was a split decision between making sure the edition sold out on the one hand and a marketing plot to garner any new or revived interest, maybe even lifting on the coattails of the massive Record Store Day promotion for the Teargarden project which hasn’t exactly been met with quite favorable press…

i’m not saying it’s a really desperate attempt to launch TSP into some limelight with a couple of quickies, but it sure looks like it from some valid perspectives. since the releases don’t contain any exclusive material, fade out, miss labels et cetera, i just cannot see these retain any long term high collectors value.