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On Arthur wrote:

now downloading.
looking forward to checking it out.
from my memory of the bootcollection i have, this should be awesome stuff…

much appreciated Arthur! great stuff!!![/quote:ra2bjeu2]
:wink: I knew/hoped you would like it, Sven. I’m not looking for trouble with the Advisory Board, you know… :wink:

But yeah, seriously, these words from my liner notes are VERY true to me, I seriously think this is an awesome set of Pumpkins live material, a really great listen. I enjoy it every day in the car! Hope you guys like it too!

"It’s starting to become a tradition, creating these Smashing Pumpkins Live Compilations… And with pleasure this third one was made, let me tell you. I consider this renditions release as the best so far (and the other 2 were already hard to top!), with a stunning amount of 42 Smashing Pumpkins live tracks that highlight every aspect of Pumpkins playing live."

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