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You don’t have to wake me up, I think I know a bit how it works. You better wake up the majority of the Americans, if you feel like they are being forced to 1 direction.

However, I think higher of the Americans. Those that are blessed with ignorance, will go to iTunes. Those that are aware of the Information and Technology era we are living in, will read the online press releases everywhere and will wait a month to get the CD import of American Gothic. They are not forced to iTunes at all.

And you really think the Smashing Pumpkins (read: Billy Corgan) are making huge amounts of money with an online US-only acoustic EP, only bought by the ignorant on iTunes? Hard to believe my friend… But I do agree, there should be more online sources to get American Gothic from. That type of exclusivity is uhmmm… questionable at least. But the digital platform is here to stay, and might overtake the market completely in the end. Just like the 78 rpm vinyl disappeared.

The moment a Pumpkins release is online ONLY I will rant with you. For this moment I really don’t see the issue you’re trying to bring up. We all still do have a choice. And those that are not looking for choices or options… let them be proud of their ignorance.[/quote:10xeuj0s]

Hard to argue for the ignorant, I’ll give you that. :)

But even you just acknowledged the questionability of the iTunes only digital release.

And I think the money struck between iTunes and SP was up front, not dependent on sales. Maybe they get some sort of royalties beyond the intial agreement, but I’d say the initial agreement is where both parties made their monies.

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