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Bring it on, bring it on! Phabeltastik reads all this!

(Which reminds me I was supposed to get a full copy of that 6hr Kink Radio show. The DJs were getting drunk in the end, Sven told me, and he should know, being one of them… :wink: :P )

And let me bring in a little funny anecdote too. I know Sven only AFTER Smashing Pumpkins broke up, and only when I wanted to start in 2003. We were so surprised that between 1994 – 2003 we never had heard about each other, though both being huge fans and collectors of their music… Sven went to a rather large higher number of Smashing Pumpkins concerts though, and he had a few more music rarities back then… :wink:

We called it that I must have lived in a "parallel SP universe" in the beginning. :lol:

And it was Sven that brought me via-via into contact with a seller of the extremely rare French "La Saga Racontee" promo, including the unused and pristine order form that comes with it. I cherish that promo + form as one of my most valuable finds, with a great memory to Sven, as he is linked to that specific find in the early days of our friendship. 8)

Check out La Saga Racontee, if you like:[/quote:2yi8swd3]

right now: i’m too tired to write a genuine and true response.
thanks a lot! – means the world to me! – will get back to you!!!…

thank you people!-
for all the kind words: much appreciated!