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For me the two – collecting and the music itself – are almost entirely separate things.

If a release has music that can’t be found anywhere else, the value increases for me. But this is not related to the quality of the music.

On the other hand, it’s always a favourite piece of music, an album I really like, that gets me into collecting mode. That’s what happened with the Pumpkins and with many other bands.[/quote:3abk87il]

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What usually ends up happening, is that I find a piece of work that I really like. That’s what turns me into a collector.

I agree that the music is most important. That is why I try to collect every song by the artist that I like. Even if I don’t particularly like it at the moment. I’ve grown as a listener in the past and appreciated music long after it was purchased. If the music is on vinyl, I buy that first and foremost. If the song is only available on CD, then I don’t have much of a choice. Up to now, the only band that I’ve bought both CD and vinyl of the exact same material is TSP. That is unless there is artwork differences (ie: Pisces Iscariot).

I’m am NOT a collector of every variation of every release. I also don’t collect multiple versions of the same songs if I can avoid it. That means no promos or imports unless there is exclusive music on it that can’t be found elsewhere. That is far to OCD for me. Some people enjoy that, but I can’t afford it. I enjoy to much music to dedicate that much money to one artist. Take for example Jack White and his label Third Man Records. INSANE! They release black, tri color, glow in the dark, bizarro, 7", 8", Triple Decker etc. of their releases. That get’s very very expensive considering they limit the special editions to 300 per release which drives the prices way up.

But what drives me crazy is re-issues and catalog numbers. That’s a different story for a different time…