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On Sven wrote:
Ok… then I have 2 different Today Singles that I don’t know if they are both from UK (One has a made in Holland sticker)

Today "Mastered by Nimbus HUTCD 37"

Today "EMI Swindon 1:1:1 2 810564"

The one with EMI Swindon I think usually indicated a UK pressing. EMI Uden is associated with Holland. However, it could have been pressed in the UK for release in NL. Not sure how to tell.

But to me, these both scream UK antecedents.[/quote:3q0cutxn]

Swindon = in the UK > pure: UK pressing…

Uden = in The Netherlands > pure: NLD (Dutch) pressing…

at least:
that’s as far as my ‘logic’ goes, right?!—