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Well I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.[/quote:ts6kzthu]

Amen to that!Very proud to be Asian & American.Politics should never define who a single person is.No one is the same.We each and all are different.We shouldn’t be define into a little box .Because someone doesn’t like what ONE person reflects,in another countries politics.I wish to not be judged by another man mistakes.But by my own merit.Then if i am judged, it is my maker who i worry about and answer to for mistakes,not another man in my opinion.American or whatever you are or where every your from , i care less.Respect me,i respect you.You got to learn to love people for who they are,not where they come from.[/quote:ts6kzthu]

Well put. Over here in the States, it’s very two-sided. It’s like you’re either with us or against us. Very little middle ground. I’m not sure the two-party system is really working. I like the idea of a third candidate, but they usually drop out to give more votes to one of the two main parties that they "kind of" support, so that the "bad party" doesn’t win. It fucking sucks.

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