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i think it may have more to do with ancestry rather than the current state of affairs.[/quote:1q58rlhd]

This is true no matter where your from.Even us American’s it is about ancestry.

But in all honesty to all that don’t live in the states,that do voice their opinions on how they see America.From one American i can truly tell you.What you see in our,Politics isn’t reflecting what the average person wants or believes in..Politicians in my opinion have lost sight of what the American people really want or even think.I know not one person that is running in our Presidential Race,i do agree with and does not reflect my views at all.In politics they more reflect what they want and it’s their opinion.Even tho we get to vote for who is President,when come down to it,they do what they want.This is in any political system from what I’ve seen .Why i NEVER judge a person from where their from.

I’m against death penalty
I’m against fire arms.
I’m not against religion ,but again as i said above don’t define a person into a little box,even a Christian into a little box.I don’t believe in forcing religion onto someone because it doesn’t work.But I should be allowed to say word GOd without a war or a battle.I’m not the type to argue no since in it.If a man truly doesnt want to hear about religion & GOD.What he believes in you aren’t going to change what he or she believes.That just leads to battling and arguing with words crossed to each other that you shouldn’t say to a person.If you are truly a Christian person you wouldn’t stand and fight with a person about God, in all honesty.