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i dont understand billy being proud im not saying all us people are same[/quote:2qyp9skg] i think it may have more to do with ancestry rather than the current state of affairs.
i mean, i’m proud to be english… even though england is a complete shit-hole now. but i’m proud because of englands rich history, the ancestry etc. i’m proud to belong to that.

but i do agree, i think it’s kinda messed up in the US. you still have the death penalty there, and people are still trying to keep a ‘law’ that allows them to use firearms, despite this ‘law’ being set up in colonial times when there wasn’t really a police force to take care of issues – it was down to the individual, and people still seem to think that this applies today…
and also, the american government still seems to be non-secular – in that religion still holds a significant influence on the running of the country. which is just messed up. hell, there is somewhere where they won’t let you run for governor if you don’t have any religious belief! how screwed up is that!?! frankly, an non-theistical government is much more likely to do a good/better job of running a country than some religious types (Bush’s justification of the war on iraq? god told me to do it. seriously)[/quote:2qyp9skg]

I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with capital punishment, I’ve never had to sit down and form an opinion about it, so I’m still ambivalent in most respects.

However, I’m no gun-toting, right-wing, NRA supporter, BUT I strongly agree with the right to bear arms. It’s our right as people of this country to be able to arms ourselves. Yes, this originated in colonial times, as a guard against the redcoats breaking into your house and stealing your shit. You don’t think it applies today? That is just insane. The Bush administration has slowly eroded many of our rights over the last 8 years (illegally tapping phone lines, detaining suspected terrorists abroad WITHOUT a formal charge, supporting torture tactics, etc.). It’s this kind of bullshit that makes people within a country realize change is necessary. I’m not saying we all need to go outside and start shooting politicians, BUT it’s nice to know that we can defend ourselves from the enemy, even if that enemy is our own government. Which I believe is currently the case.

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