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If you are truly a Christian person you wouldn’t stand and fight with a person about God, in all honesty.[/quote:28aiareo]

Actually, that’s what the Crusades were. Some people still believe that not fighting and engaging and spreading the word of Christ is failing as a Christian. They feel it is part of being Christian, to spread the gospel and that all non-Christians will go to hell. So, in a way, it’s out of a good place, they want everyone to go to heaven. But, if you don’t believe in it, you don’t believe in it. More people die over religion I think than anything else. What a holy cause.[/quote:28aiareo]

You take what i mean out context.Maybe i’m not reflecting it in the right way either.You catch more flies with honey,then you do with vinegar.Forcing,arguing,shoving God down someones throat doesn’t bring God to the non believer.I know this to well and know this type of Christian. It doesn’t work believe me.
If you approach a person as a friend not enemy.Not like it a local wrestling match or a battle.A person is not placed lower then you but as your equal.You’ll fine you’ll reach more people and hearts this way.You should be more humble in nature.

A new forum of Christians are rising as a new coming .Not to sound weird or crazy in anyway.But we are.We all change, so do US Christians in ways.I have very different outlook on things,just me I guess.Your not going save no one if you alienate them.