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To tell you the honest truth, I never really was that fond of Americans (sorry for those yanks out there). But I learned that it’s not the people I dislike, but it’s the politics I really don’t like. And from what I’ve heard a lot of Americans disagree with what’s going on with the wars and such as well. So now, I’ve learned to love the people… ah… isn’t that cute?


Dear lilkitn + the others who had comments about Americans,

If you were an American, as I proudly am, you would not throw the word "yanks" around so easily. It’s very offensive to most Americans who are not in the same belief as many of our Southern folk. To call any American a "yank" is almost as bad as using a racial slur.

I find the insults about Americans to be fairly critical, and not necessary. We’re not here to talk about politics or nationality. If you actually spoke to the every day US citizen you’d find they have a lot of disagreement with the political system here.

This forum is about *the Smashing Pumpkins* not a slam on nationality.

If the forum truly hates Americans then you will lose a lot of potential information, etc. as being Americans, we all had the fortunate experience of knowing about the Pumpkins before they even parted from US soil.

I think you owe every US citizen on this forum an apology. It’s appalling this day and age to have such baises when you don’t even probably know enough of us personally to count on one hand.

If this is the general consensus on this forum, please let me know right away and I will happily remove myself, along w/ memorabilia that I contributed from this forum.

So please, dear folks let us bad old Americans know if we’re good enough for this forum.