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To tell you the honest truth, I never really was that fond of Americans (sorry for those yanks out there). But I learned that it’s not the people I dislike, but it’s the politics I really don’t like. And from what I’ve heard a lot of Americans disagree with what’s going on with the wars and such as well. So now, I’ve learned to love the people… ah… isn’t that cute?

This was not meant as any insult or a racial slur. If you took the time to read the post.Or did they mean any insult by it.It’s their cultural ways.I am American myself and took no insult to it.

This is a forum board with many people and opinions as i see it.THEY ALL have the right to voice theirs as they see it here.I seen no hate coming from no one here.We were having a chat that start from this comment which we all took it in the wrong way, because it was a song.

Well I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.[/quote:27yqjgbk]
You make it sound like America is the only place where people are free.[/quote:27yqjgbk]

It’s a song. A very cheesy song.[/quote:27yqjgbk][/quote:27yqjgbk]

I seen no one being insulting or being immature but all of us having a mature chat about our post.Only person that took things in the wrong way was you.Not to be rude luxe,but did you actually read the whole chat.