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Well I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.[/quote:2fksbpem]
You make it sound like America is the only place where people are free.[/quote:2fksbpem]

exactly. besides that there’s this unchristian deathpenalty in some states and the us supporting wars everywhere only because of oil while same amount of money could feed whole africa for years and years on. and you guys think its normal to have guns everywhere around also. i mean holland sux but us sux even more. i dont understand billy being proud im not saying all us people are same[/quote:2fksbpem]

I am very proud to be American. That doesn’t mean I am proud of what is going on in Iraq. You can’t put it all in a neat little box and think that just because our country is in a bad place at this time that we are not proud of it for other reasons. There are so many reasons, present and past, that make me proud as hell to be from the USA. I back Billy 100%. The media is great at only showing the bad and the ugly. Not usually does it show the good things that happen here.

As for Christianity – in my mind that should not even be paired with being an American. Again, I realize that we have a President that has crossed the line of "separation of church and state" over and over again but that does not mean the people of the US are okay with that. Not all of us are Christian in the US. Surprise but we aren’t. I’m not Christian but I am American and I respect all religions as it is a personal choice, not one of nationality.

Do you actually believe that we like what is going on here? Do you think we like seeing the flags at half mast every week because another soldier has died for a cause that none of us support? Do you think we like waiting to get that one email from our loved one who is in Iraq against his/her will because they joined the Armed Forces in another time when it wasn’t for a war they didn’t believe in? Do you know how we live with the sinking feeling when we hear of another car bomb that has gone off in Iraq and has "US casualties".

My grandfather served in WW2 and lived in torment until his death about the things he saw. My father was in the Navy for 35 years and my father-in-law a Green Beret in Vietnam. These men do not sleep at night because of the haunting memories that they endured for their country. They gave their lives thinking they were making this world a better place and they are true heroes to me.

Forget the politics — no one disagrees that Bush is a whacko who should not be our president. But the US soldiers in Iraq are not there necessarily because they believe in it but because they took an oath and are staying true to that.

Don’t judge every American on the premise of our political system because that is a huge mistake. We all hate what is going on and want it to end. We have been to funerals of people who have died over there and we know it is all for nothing. Maybe be more sympathetic to the average American than being judgmental.

Despite the many bad things that are going on here – I can honestly say I know of many good things our Government is doing. I worked for the Department of Energy for 14 years and we have stopped building weapons and have started working on things like the Human Genome Project or finding a cure for AIDS and cancer. We have the top notch scientists from all over the world — probably from each of your countries and we are respectful to their beliefs and ideals, as much as we are of our own. My point — you can say a lot about the bad things in the US but unless you live here, you don’t see the good that is being done.

I am proud as hell to be an American and I hate Bush. Maybe that seems contradictory to most of you but if you lived here, you’d get it. We have no control over the ridiculous political system so we try and make peace and work on things that better this earth in our small little places in the country. To judge us by our politicians is a sad mistake.