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I don’t argue with people.I was born and raised in America.I’m very educated.Your blowing things out of the water.And reading stuff into something that is not there.Have a nice day.[/quote:1slrgap3]

Clearly you do disagree with people and that is fine w/ me. I’m sorry you feel you had to validate your personality and education. I don’t believe anything I said indicated you had to be super educated to grasp a concept of a benign word being used as a racial slur. Clearly I explained why that word is a problem for me.

You have an opinion and I have an opinion–both of which should be respected . Just because I don’t have the same view as you (or anyone else) that doesn’t make my point invalid. A true discussion is open to all angles, not just the peaceful ones.

Just as you think I am blowing things out of the water, I believe you do not understand the reasons why it upset me and since this is a forum, I am allowed to voice an opinion as much as you are.

I don’t care where anyone is from (which was one of my points from the beginning) on this forum, as long as they love the Pumpkins. I admit – it was upsetting to me to read how much people do not like the US and I didn’t feel it should be relevant to this forum. I fully admit that I was upset when I posted my remarks but I am not sorry for what I wrote — I just feel that we should have moved it to a separate thread.

It’s fine that you don’t like what I have to say or that you don’t understand where I am coming from. I respect that and just wish you could respect what I had to say about the issue, as well. Things that may not seem a big deal to you might be a huge deal to someone else and vice versa. If it were the other way around, instead of being angry and saying I am blowing things out of proportion, I would have taken the time to ask why this upset you so much.

All that being said, this is way off the subject of the forum. If you want to discuss this further that is fine. You can post it as a new thread so all can read or you can private message me. Or we can meet in the middle and let our opinions lay where they are and respect one another.