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Clearly i had to tell that i am very Educated,for some reason you didn’t think I didn’t know what yank meant.Clearly a 2 year old knows what it is and means.Very much of insult to me.

No ,i don’t always agree with peoples opinion.I don’t argue with people here online.For that fact is it is sinceless and immature to do so.I see no point in it.I also see no point in blowing something out of the water ,that wasn’t meant to be something you thought it was.If you don’t like what someone says,it best to not say nothing ask them what they mean first before you jump and start something or say something about it.As for being off the subject stop again adding fuel to the fire.We all can get along.Don’t be so super senative,like person said they didn’t mean what you thought,you blow it up to something it not.I’m done commenting on the subject period.

by the way Kit’n you rock,someone jump for nothing and you be the bigger person about it.That’s totally kwel in my book.Hats off to ya. :)[/quote:x0eu6h99]

Bravo, Tree_Spirit. I defer to your superior wisdom (and grammar). :P

ps/Kit’n you do rock and I do appreciate your input. It was valuable and objective. :D