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Wouldn’t have been a winner in the Zwan era…
Horrible mix, drums totally destroyed, nice melodic guitar part, artrocious singing and the distorted mix is just plain strange and muddy and bizarre…

All in all – WHY???

If this should be the big new statement and Being Beige the first example of this record, then just HOW???
Is there really no one around to tell Corgan this is just way below his par…?
In what or whose universe could this sorry excuse for a song be considered great?

Oh well… Oceania was very great, but it’s back to the rest of the Teargarden bummer stuff…
Or like someone mentioned: "It’s called Being Beige because "Shite" wasn’t pretentious enough"[/quote:3fk4lcld]

You know Sven.I disagre with you 100%. Who are you to say in which universe could call Being Beige for a excuse of a song? How dare you to justify other peoples opinion, if they love the song.Might not be the best song ever, yet, its still good song.this aint the 90´s anymore my freind.Leave the past be and try to enjoy youre fav band in this time of era.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.