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Info is direct from the back of the picture sleeve, see 3rd line from the bottom[/quote:368b809u]
Hmm, yeah… it’s a clue indeed. When we presume that this info refers to the b-side only, then the history for Purr Snickety can be re-written… Let’s call Sven to the forum. Sven, your endless memory that always serves us well, is needed here! 8)[/quote:368b809u]

as lame as this may sound:

– Cherub Rock > the released version was for sure tracked at Triclops Studios, Atlanta, GA. This is where the album was tracked and from where the single and thus (it’s the same) album version of Cherub Rcok originates.

– Purr Snickety > this MIGHT have been in fact recorded some place at Smart Studios, WI. This is Butch Vig’s studio. The best estimated guess is, this was recorded somewhere during the tracking for Gish. I guess it was at a venue called The Moon the song was played live back then…
[edit: found the date:]

– as for: CR > this is an obvious error on the sleeve!
notice how the other CR-releases refer to Triclops Studios.
seems like someone just forgot to add Triclops, to the 7"-sleeve.

– as for: PS > from this error we can deduce PR was indeed recorded at Smart Studios, WI. therefore the thought of the song being recorded in the Gish sessions matches up quite nicely. Gish was tracked from late 1990 – early/march 1991. playing the song live it would have made total sense for BC to record the song before, for copyright reasons for example.

– as for: PS (II) > the song is an obvious demo recording. it’s in full mono and sounds even worse than Soothe for example. this could very well be a ‘boombox’ scratch demo take to just lay down the basics of the song to at least have a reference recording. no further work on this song in studio or whatever has surfaced or has been rumoured.

hope this helps.