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not mentioning triclops isn’t necessarily a mistake. that sounds a bit too harsh to me. ok, the information is not complete, but it says that cherub rock is taken from siamese dream. maybe they hereby suggest that you check out the liner notes of that album if you want to know more about the track?[/quote:2s4exc4k]

basically not mentioning Triclops is an omission. not a mistake. however: noting the songs were recorded at Smart Studios is a mistake. therefore… even, if CR is mentioned to have been take from SD… the production credit seems ‘wrong’ too… it’s un-produced in sound; OK: it’s BCs ‘production’; maybe Butch Vig turned him to recording this song and this was a late night recording or something… :)

then the correct credit would’ve been, at least to me:

written by billy corgan. purr snickety produced and recorded by billy corgan with butch vig, at smart studios, wi. published by cinderful music/mca music ltd. cherub rock is taken from the album "siamese dream". [et cetera…]

as i write this…: mind you!!!:
– gish was published under ‘copyright control’
– as were subsequent releases
– lull then; switched the publishing credit to: cinderful music/mca…
> so: for then on, BC’s publishing catalog was carried by and under that name…

– the CR single mentions cinderful music/mca for the publishing rights.
– SD, where CR’s taken from, switches the name to: cinderful songs/mca…
(later on the name is switched to cinderella and subsequently to other companies and all…)

– if the inferred recording date for PS is correct and thus in 1990/1991, the mention of cinderful music/mca makes total sense as indeed and in fact: this company would then per se have held the rights to the song, from then on, under that name…
– this at least: ‘seems’ to give some little bit of more credibility to the ‘inferred "fact"’ PS was recorded somewhere during the Gish sessions at Butch Vig’s studio, Smart Studios, Madison, WI.
– it’s not to far-fetched to think all and anything recorded then and there with Vig, would, contractually, have to be credited to both: Vig as producer, plus: to his studios.
– therefore and thus: it makes even more total sense to allocate PS to the batch of recordings at Smart Studios, with Vig, for Gish; even as this is just a ‘scrap-demo’-take and nothing more…

– see how the publishing company switches to cinderful songs/mca for SD and thus for: CR!!!; clearly another ‘era’ thus…