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There’s an interesting discussion about the grey vinyl on … opic=15434

There are reasons to believe that the grey copies were pressed on purpose, as a separate colour, and not just a result of not cleaning the presses between the black and the pink run. Apparently, if you press two different colours without cleaning in between, you will end up with far less copies with mixed colours, and it is also unlikely, according to some, that the mixed copies will look grey if you go from black to pink (or vice versa).[/quote:1cvndplx]

As fas as I know and with me Dave Asselin and Matt, borh major collectors… And as per Matt as he had been in touch with the Sub Pop guys and at one point owned like 70+ Tristessa’s in all variants oer cokours… it WAs indeed NOT INTENDED, but ended up this way as per some copies being grey. Not per se as per the cleaning issue or something, but by accident… Not as intended per se thus!!!!

Matt told me there are around 300 grey-ish copies.
BC doesn’t have a grey copy, nor to the guys from Sub Pop.
The guys were even quite surprised when Matt contacted hem to point this out…