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thanks for your input, sven.
so you’re saying that the intention was to only make black and pink vinyls, but for some unknown reason, about 300 grey copies were pressed. and you do agree that this was an accident, but that this very likely has nothing to do with the story of not cleaning the plates between the two different colour pressings. right?

i’ve recently seen a pink copy on ebay and it had quite a bit of black marbling going on. now that is what i think we could expect from not cleaning the plates.
unfortunately i forgot to bid on it and it went to someone else for a fairly cheap price. i’m still angry at myself for that, as i was prepared to pay a decent amount of money for that copy.
i’ve got the picture from the auction saved on my home pc. i’ll post it here when i’m at home and think of it. (probably next week.)[/quote:2tbjugy5]

indeed, exaclty :)