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Too bad we can’t find the original pressing invoice for the 7", that’d probably clear this up immediately.[/quote:3hp8dcvi]
Yeah, exactly.

I tried to figure out the pressing numbers for each of the 3 colors of Tristessa 7" vinyl (which could have been clear figures if that pressing invoice would be known) and I still have a bad feeling about it. It’s full of guesses and lucky shots. This is what I mean:

7,500 total pressing: guess
2,500 pink pressing: confirmed by Sub Pop
200-300 grey pressing: guess
4,800 black pressing: calculated from 2 guesses and 1 confirm

I have no idea if I make sense here, but I think the grey pressing will exceed the number of 200-300 pressed by far. I’m more thinking of 1,000 – 1,500 (same as I Am One vinyl). My guts feeling says that the grey pressing for Tristessa is just as much on the market as the I Am One 7". I can not really proof that, so I might be completely wrong here. Shoot this to pieces, if you like.

But also, when I compare the Tristessa grey vinyl with another rarity like La Saga Racontee CD (approx. 125 pressed) then I see the grey pressing for Tristessa around 10-15 times more on the market. So both ways I reach a number of 1,000 – 1,500 pressed for Tristessa grey vinyl. No?

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