Reply To: $700 for a Grey Tristessa? Really????

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i think the original pressing invoice will say something like:
– pink: 4500
– black: 3000
without any mention of the grey copies.

so i guess the actual pressing quantities are the same, minus the grey copies.
pink: 4500 – x
black: 3000 – y
grey: x + y
(x or y can be 0. x + y is estimated to be around 200-300.)

2500 pink copies doesn’t make sense. the black vinyl copies are definitely rarer than the pink ones, no?[/quote:1bdobwim]

i’ve always assumed these numbers to be correct.
at least: pink > 4.500
then: with the grey ones… i guess there might be a lot more than 300 just as Arthur stated.

the bill probably only features the pink and black ones.

we’ll never know for sure, but thanks for the insight as per the great article!